Sunday, June 28, 2020

It's All About The Characters by @KaraONealAuthor #RomanceGems

Summer has arrived! I'm a teacher, and this season brings much needed rest and fun. Summer is also when I can read and write to my heart's content. My children are older, so I get to spend more time with books and the characters within them.

I -- much to my family's affectionate frustration -- form attachments to the people in the stories I read. I can't help it. I worry, I laugh, I cheer, and I cry right along with them. I bet a lot of you are the same.

It's hard for me to let go when I finish a book. If it makes me feel something, I think about it for several days. And, of course, I re-read my favorite parts.

As the years have gone by, I have collected books I love, which can be found here, and books I enjoyed reading, which can be found here.

My attachment to characters extends to the one's I've created, as well. It's so hard to let them go, and I have discovered their lives have continued in my mind. So....I started a blog called, "The Story Continues". Here, I will be posting extra scenes and short stories that allow these people to live on.

Isn't that wonderful? I never have to leave them! (My family will probably shake their heads at me -- fondly, of course.)

Right now, I'm posting a three part story about Elinor, a feisty and rule-breaking debutante, and Trap, a rowdy cowboy. These two formed an attachment with each other in The Cowboy's Embrace, and I had a lot of fun learning about them. I felt their story wasn't over and had to delve further into their relationship. Come visit "The Story Continues" to see how everything goes for them!

Do you have a character, or characters, who have stayed with you? Answer in the comments and two people will win a free copy of Saving Sarah or Welcome Home!

In other news, y'all might remember that I was orphaned by my publisher in March. I have two books back up with the third coming next week.

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Saving Sarah
Historical Romance

Sarah Kerry's world is shattered when a man from her past, Liam Devlin, shows up with proof that, if shared, would send her father to the noose. In order to keep Liam quiet, she must break her young courtship with Michael Lonnigan and marry Liam instead.

Michael is crushed and angry when Sarah abruptly ends their courtship, but he knows something isn't right. He's seen the new man hanging around the Kerry family and believes the man is blackmailing the woman Michael loves. Unwilling to let her go, Michael will do whatever it takes to save Sarah and make her his own.

Welcome Home
Historical Romance

Emma Prescott, determined and selfless, flees from wealth and her murderous father, wanting the love and forgiveness of poor cotton farmer, Kyle Lonnigan.

Although Kyle refuses to forgive her for her part in his father's death, Emma stays and works her own farm. Over the next several months, Emma proves to Kyle she is not the spoiled girl he remembers.

Emma's sudden re-entrance into Kyle's life only conjures long-buried painful memories. Kyle does his best to avoid her, needing to keep the pain at bay, and stopping her from reminding him of their last moments together before bullets shattered their world. But, he is unsuccessful. The love he denies is too strong, and soon Emma and Kyle are tumbling headlong into the past and passion.

I hope y'all have a wonderful start to your summer! And remember our giveaway!

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  1. I see we share a slight...addiction to Mary Balogh. :-) I have trouble letting go of characters, too, and their lives go on in my mind and heart long after the book is done. I'm going to visit your new blog!

    1. Mary Balogh is wonderful! Wulfric is my favorite. He reminds me of Mr. Darcy.

  2. What a fabulous idea, Kara! I love the idea of The Story Continues. Best wishes for the new blog and I can't wait to read your updates each month!

  3. Yes, characters sometimes have a life of their own. I have a few who have been a pain in the butt until I give them their won story! Very strong willed!

  4. Love your witty post that's an homage to the characters in books you read and write. I saw several of my favorites on your Pinterest boards. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sorry I'm late to the party. I love what you've said about your characters! My mom and I used to talk about mine (miss that and her!) anyway, so many times people would ask if we were talking about a child or grandchild LOL! I never thought about setting up a blog like The Story Continues....might have to borrow that idea with my own spin of course (if I ever have time - sigh). Great post, Kara! Good luck and God's blessings. PamT

  6. Sometimes I can’t pick up a new book for a week after I finish a book. When I’m driving down the road or trying to fall asleep I’ll continue the story in my head.


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